CP3 Get Back


A peaceful protest to bring Chris Paul back to New Orleans and a reaffirmation that I was not meant to rap.  This a tribute to a potential return, designed to fit with “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot.

He likes big brows and he cannot lie
You other brothers can’t deny
When AD sets a pick with an itty bitty waist
and a beautiful brow in the D’s face,
CP throws lobs. Gonna treat the D rough
Cause he noticed that it stepped up
Weakside help isn’t there sure ’nuff
The open space is glaring
CP sees it but ain’t staring
Oh baby, he throws that perfect lob
For an easy basket
The media tried to scorn him
But those rim runs got us scorin
Ooh, Big Brow keeps soarin
You say you wanna stop it?
Well, double, double
‘Cause ya know Ryno is spotting up
I’ve seen Ds leave him
To hell with pretendin
He’s heady, ready
Got his feet set, but not heavy
I’m tired of isolation
Pick and rolls gonna rock the nation
Take the average Bees fan and ask him that
CP3’s gotta get back
So fellas! Fellas!
Do you Bees fans want the playoffs
Tell him to get back! Get back!
Come back to New Or-leans
CP3 get back!

*Photo Credit: Junodownload.com


Categories: Feature Stories, Hornets Buzz/The Bird's Word

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