Saints find a back up QB (for now), sign Seneca Wallace

Saints Seneca Wallace

When Luke McCown was signed, B.E.S.T. saw it as a third stringer and camp body at best. Obviously, the Saints felt the same. The team just signed longtime backup, Seneca Wallace, to a 1-year contract. Terms are unknown at this point.

Unless the Saints use a late draft pick on a signal caller in two weeks, it looks like Wallace will be Brees’ primary backup in 2013. Wallace may not put up Chase Daniel numbers, but he has a lot more experience than Daniel, playing for the Seahawks for six seasons the Browns for the past two. And what’s more: he could actually be more valuable of a backup, assuming Brees stays healthy.

I’ll explain:

The growing trend in the NFL seems to be these athletic, mobile QBs (that can also throw, most importantly). The read-option utilized perfectly by RG3, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick last season forces defenses to cover three elements (a QB draw, a hand off, and a pass). No defense last season was able to prove it could guard each element successfully. And since Seattle and San Francisco are arguably the NFL’s top two teams, and they both play in the NFC, they could be the Saints’ main competition in the playoffs. Oh, and the Saints play the NFC West next season.

The point is that although Wallace isn’t as great of an athlete as the afore mentioned, he could be a perfect gimmick player to practice against before facing these challenging quarterbacks. If it means Rob Ryan and the Saints’ struggling defense can prepare more effectively, then for that reason alone, signing Seneca Wallace is a smart move.

Wallace’s career numbers aren’t to shabby. He’s started his fair share of games, recording a career 31/18 TD/INT ratio. However, he’s been inaccurate, only completing 59% of his passes, and he holds a 5-16 career record as a starter. Wallace, 32, ran a 4.52 ’40 at the combine, and is listed at 6’3, 196.


*Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson – AP


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